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A Visa run to Barbados

Gavin's UK visa had run out and the closest embassy to get a renewal was Barbados. We only really needed a couple of days down there to get all the documentation dealt with, but we decided to make a little holiday out of the trip. We stayed in the Dover Beach Hotel on St. Lawrence… Continue reading A Visa run to Barbados

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A long weekend in Puerto Rico

Gavin and I decided to book a long weekend to Puerto Rico. It's only 95 miles away from Beef Island and a short 40 minute flight. Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide. It is made up of one main island and a number of smaller ones including Culebra, Mona and… Continue reading A long weekend in Puerto Rico

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3 week road trip around Costa Rica

I have always wanted to visit South America, but Central America never really crossed my mind until some friends of ours invited us there for their wedding. We decided to spend time catching up with friends for just under a week and then drive through Costa Rica for the remaining time we were there, which… Continue reading 3 week road trip around Costa Rica

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Want to live on a Tropical Island?

Many people dream of living on a Caribbean island. They go on vacation and swing in their hammock on the beach, basking in the sunshine whilst sipping on their Pina Colada thinking 'this is the life... I could stay here forever'! Whilst I am not complaining about the life I am currently living, I would… Continue reading Want to live on a Tropical Island?

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A new charter season

December came around quickly. After a fantastic few months of catching up with family and friends, it was time to get to work. Charter season was in full swing and we had a great one for bookings. It was my first charter working alongside Gavin as a Captain and Chef team. I'm not going to… Continue reading A new charter season