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Back in the BVI

After a wonderful summer sailing around the Southern Caribbean islands we arrived safely back in the BVI. It has been a busy couple of months, from renewing work permits, taking care of Léna who has now found her feet and is running all over the place, working back to back charters, catching up with friends… Continue reading Back in the BVI

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A new charter season

December came around quickly. After a fantastic few months of catching up with family and friends, it was time to get to work. Charter season was in full swing and we had a great one for bookings. It was my first charter working alongside Gavin as a Captain and Chef team. I'm not going to… Continue reading A new charter season

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A new beginning

Arriving on the new island I called home was an amazing experience, but it did not come easily and definitely not without new challenges. Gavin welcomed me into his beach side home with open arms. I had always dreamed of one day living by the beach, and I couldn't have got much closer. We were… Continue reading A new beginning

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Where it all began

In 2011, my beautiful South African friend was getting married. I had promised her two years prior, that when she was to get married I would be there at the wedding. I asked my friend in the UK if she fancied a trip to South Africa with me and we would make a girly road… Continue reading Where it all began