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Our Lockdown Diaries

On 25th March 2020 the BVI government made the announcement that the whole of the territory was going on a 24 hour lockdown due to the Corona-virus outbreak for one week starting from 27th March to April 2nd. All supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors surgeries and banks were closed completely for the duration and we were not… Continue reading Our Lockdown Diaries

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Located 15 miles north of  Virgin Gorda, Anegada is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands. Unlike it's mountainous neighbouring islands being of volcanic origin, Anegada is unique in that it is formed from coral and limestone and was the cause of a tectonic plate shift. The island is extremely flat and low and… Continue reading Anegada

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Back in the BVI

After a wonderful summer sailing around the Southern Caribbean islands we arrived safely back in the BVI. It has been a busy couple of months, from renewing work permits, taking care of Léna who has now found her feet and is running all over the place, working back to back charters, catching up with friends… Continue reading Back in the BVI

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Getting back in the galley

A couple of weeks ago Gavin and I went to see a friend to collect some baking tins she said she would lend me for Léna's birthday cake. Whilst chatting away she mentioned she had a last minute enquiry for a charter booking but was struggling to find a chef at such short notice. Gavin… Continue reading Getting back in the galley

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Beautiful Sunsets of the BVI

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing at that moment, when the sun is setting over the horizon, everybody stops to gaze in awe as mother nature delights. For those few minutes as the glorious skies amaze with a spectacle of colour, it seems to make you forget all the stresses of… Continue reading Beautiful Sunsets of the BVI

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The life of Benny the beach dog

Ben is not your typical stay at home, two runs a day kinda dog. He is athletic, sociable and always on the look out for new adventures, just like his parents! Gavin and I live in Cane Garden Bay in a beachfront apartment. When Ben was a puppy we used take him for long runs… Continue reading The life of Benny the beach dog

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Diving the Wreck of the RMS Rhone

My brother had come to visit for a week and as you do, you find activities to keep your guests busy whilst visiting the island. Neither of us had ever been scuba diving before and we thought it would be a nice idea to try it out for the first time together. A little bonding… Continue reading Diving the Wreck of the RMS Rhone

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Since arriving on Tortola we have been looking for a 'runabout' boat to get between the islands. On your days off there's nothing better than jumping on your own little vessel and doing a spot of island hopping, having some well deserved beach time, snorkeling, hiking to the top of different islands in time for… Continue reading Boomslang

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Along came Ben

After the resident cats Simba and Ninja had been re-homed, the apartment was feeling a little lonely. Gavin and I had discussed getting another cat and possibly even a dog, however working on charter boats and been away for a week at a time, it wasn't really a suitable idea. We did venture down to… Continue reading Along came Ben

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The art of island driving

The roads on Tortola are not for the fainthearted, in fact when you first arrive on the island they are absolutely terrifying! It's pretty difficult to get lost on the island as there are really only two roads to go on to get from one side to the other. The ridge road runs along the… Continue reading The art of island driving