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Another season comes to an end

After a very busy and rewarding season on the water, our time in the BVI has once again come to an end for the summer. We have had so many great charter guests and made many friends from our weeks aboard sailing the islands.

In January we had some wonderful news and found out our family would be growing in September as we prepare for a new little baby girl. We cannot be happier to be completing our family with the new arrival.

In May both myself and Léna prepared for a long summer visit to the UK. We had been in the Caribbean for 2 years now without returning home and we needed a break. Unfortunately we would be leaving both Gavin and Ben behind for a little while but we will be seeing them shortly.

With Léna being a lot more active nowadays, I was dreading taking her on the long journey back to the UK with me. As we said our goodbyes to the family at the airport, we prepared to board the 12 seater plane from Beef Island to Antigua. I tried to pack as lightly as possible, but with a young child this seems to be an impossible task for me. I had one large suitcase, a small suitcase as a carry on, a stroller come car chair, Léna’s backpack and my handbag. It was a mission to say the least to coordinate our belongings plus a child who wanted to be held most of the way, but we managed it. 

I had been preparing Léna for our journey for a few weeks telling her mummy and her were going on a aeroplane back to England and she was very excited. The first plane was so small and I think I was more scared than she was of the ride, but as soon as we took off she fell asleep and it was a peaceful journey.

We arrived in Antigua and had a 10 hour layover. We decided to visit the Athletics Club not far from the airport to use their pool facilities and have some lunch. I could see the club from the airport so I stupidly decided to walk with all our belongings plus the pushchair. Struggling once again in the blazing heat, crossing car parks, gardens and dual carriageways we eventually made it to the club and had a nice relaxing afternoon.

Back at the airport I booked us both into the executive lounge so we could have a nice rest before the long flight home which was accompanied by comfy sofas, a nice little buffet and an open bar.

The flight to the UK was 8 hours and lucky for me was a night flight. Thankfully after 2 hours of entertaining the little one, she fell asleep for the rest of the journey and all my worries of travelling with a noisy toddler were a distant memory…

After the last experience of leaving our dog Ben behind with friends in the BVI through hurricane season we decided this season we would send him away to safety in the US to stay with a friend. We had arranged a flight from St. Thomas to Miami for Ben and he would be staying in Fort Lauderdale for the summer. This has been a massive help for us and takes a lot of stress and worry away should anything bad happen again this year over the summer. So far he looks to be having the best vacation and still digging for his beloved crabs on the beach!

Gavin was in the BVI finishing off his last charters for another 6 weeks before he left the island for the summer. However, before he comes to see us in the UK he is staying in South Africa for a few weeks to renew his passport and catch up with friends and family who he also hasn’t had the chance to see for a couple of years now.

Summer for us is always a difficult time as we usually get separated for at least a short period with our families being spread all over the world. Every time we say it’s the last time we are going to be apart, but unfortunately when the time comes it always seems to be the better option, however hard it may be.

Léna and I are missing her daddy like crazy (9 weeks apart already), but we are hoping to see him in the next week or so. We are counting down the days. Once he arrives in the UK we are going to make the most of everyday and enjoy as much time together as a family as possible touring around the country. Until then we will be enjoying some quality mummy daughter time together exploring the UK.


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