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Located 15 miles north of  Virgin Gorda, Anegada is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands. Unlike it’s mountainous neighbouring islands being of volcanic origin, Anegada is unique in that it is formed from coral and limestone and was the cause of a tectonic plate shift. The island is extremely flat and low and surrounded by the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest in the world. The population on Anegada is approximately 300 with many of those living in the only village on the island called ‘The Settlement’. As Anegada is the most outer of the Virgin Islands, it is a little trickier to reach unless you travel by sailboat, catch the ferry that runs one a day or fly by a small charter plane.

On the approach to Anegada you arrive only to be surrounded by the tropical turquoise waters you only ever see on a postcard. The island is remote, dry and extremely hot. Most of the island is covered by large salt ponds which are the home to hundreds of striking pink Caribbean Flamingos. The island is best known for miles of idyllic white sandy beaches and the best lobster in the area. On the deserted dirt roads take care not to run into the many local goats and sheep roaming around…

What to do on Anegada

Rent Scooters or a Mini Moke As previously mentioned, the roads are deserted so scooters are a fun, safe and easy way to explore the island. It is very difficult to get lost so take a drive from one side of the island to the other, bar hopping and taking in all of the islands natural beauty. A new addition to the island is the Mini Moke which is a small kind of dune buggy which is great if you would prefer a little more shade, more comfort and stability on the dirt roads all the while blasting out your favourite tunes through their sound system.

Watersports Anegada is the best place in the BVI to Kite Surf due to its world class wind conditions and has an amazing school located at Anegada Beach Club. As well as kite surfing lessons they also offer paddle board and kayak rentals. If kite surfing is your thing, don’t forget to visit the annual Kite and Paddle festival.

Conch Island Tour Located in the turquoise blue waters on the east end of Anegada is a man made island made from a collection of empty conch shells tossed on top of one another for hundreds of years by the local fishermen. These conch burial grounds support the fact that the Arawak people lived on Anegada thousands of years ago. Conch are harvested for both their meat and for their shells which are sold as keepsakes. Contact Kelly’s Land and Sea Tours for a day to remember!

Explore the beaches Visit several of the beautiful mile long beaches from Loblolly Bay, Cow Wreck to Pomato Point. You won’t be disappointed when your feet touch the glorious tropical white sands as you sip on your Caribbean rum punch basking in the sun.

Visit the Flamingos Spot one of the many flamingos living here in the salt ponds. They are a beautiful sight to see especially if you manage to see them up close on or as they take flight.

Photo credit @mikyagray

Eat Anegada Lobster There are many fantastic restaurants located around Anegada from Potters by the Sea, the Wonky Dog, the Lobster Trap to Anegada Reef Hotel. All have their own way of preparing these deliciously cooked marine crustaceans from being grilled on the BBQ to being served with local Caribbean seasonings. Don’t forget to visit Anegada in November when they hold their annual lobster festival to celebrate the start of a new season.

Photo Credit @anegadareefhotel

Where to Stay 

Anegada Beach Club Stay either in the hotel or experience “Glamping” in one of the Beachfront Palapa Retreats. Unique beachfront luxury with an ocean view from your patio and bedroom, this is beach living at its finest! Dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner by the poolside restaurant, treat yourself for a pamper day at the spa or try your hand at some kite surfing with some on site lessons. This place has it all for total relaxation.

Anegada Reef Hotel Located on the beach at Settling Point, this intimate and charming little hotel offers a quiet retreat and views of the ocean. Sip on your favourite cocktail at the beach bar or enjoy dining outside at the garden restaurant.

Ann’s Guest House The newest accommodation on Anegada. These cosy and comfortable guests houses are located right by Cow Wreck Beach. Enjoy relaxing on one of Anegada’s favourite beaches, try the delicious fresh lobster in the restaurant or sip on a bushwacker served by the warm and friendly staff working in the local bar.


Anegada is definitely remote and the place to go if you need to be ‘off the grid’ for a short time, however there are many activities to do should you find yourself visiting this slice of paradise.

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