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Getting back in the galley

A couple of weeks ago Gavin and I went to see a friend to collect some baking tins she said she would lend me for Léna’s birthday cake. Whilst chatting away she mentioned she had a last minute enquiry for a charter booking but was struggling to find a chef at such short notice. Gavin decided to put my name forward and said I should get back into it and go out for a week. As Gavin’s mum was visiting it would be a possibility for me to get back out on the water and make a little money whilst we had someone to take care of Léna. I agreed to work and decided it would be good opportunity to get out of the house and get back into the swing of things again for next season.

The booking was very last minute. It was Tuesday evening when the charter was eventually confirmed and I would be going out Thursday lunchtime. I rushed home to prepare a menu for the week, but it was a little awkward as I didn’t have preference sheets for the crew as they had jumped straight on a flight and were heading to the islands.

The following morning Gavin came to help me do my provisioning and we worked together again like clockwork. It was as if we’d never had a year off. We got back to the boat and I unpacked all the food and drink and took a little time to find my way around the galley and work out where everything was located on the boat.

As soon as I had unpacked, I finally got the preference sheet through. I needed to make a few changes to my menu plan and get an extra couple of items from the supermarket to suit the clients needs.

That evening I went home to spend some time with Léna before I left for charter. I found out the trip was only going to be for 5 nights instead of 7 which made me feel a little better about leaving her and there were only 4 guests on board so fingers crossed it was going to be a breeze…

The following morning I said my goodbyes, felt extremely guilty leaving Léna behind and headed to the boat.

I prepped my meals for the afternoon and evening so everything would run smoothly that day and waited for the guests arrival. We were told there were going to be 4 German men, all very sporty. The guests arrived on the boat and all seemed very pleasant and chilled, and told us they wanted a relaxed week.

The captain and I both had an inkling that one of the guests may have been a professional footballer and we started googling.

We found out later that day that one of the guys was in fact a player for Juventus and had recently been representing his home country in the German team for the World Cup. It was all very exciting. I just wished I hadn’t mentioned to him how badly Germany had played in the World Cup earlier that day…

The most surreal part of my week was watching the final of the World Cup tournament with a professional footballer and his friends, whilst cooking them burger and fries as they enjoyed the game.


I must admit I was a little nervous to be back in the galley as I was feeling slightly rusty after not working for a year, but I soon got back into my stride and really started to enjoy myself.

I impressed myself with my cooking and organisational skills this week and I was so happy I had agreed to do the charter. I felt I had my rhythm back again and couldn’t wait for next season to be back on the water working with Gavin.


The galley I was working in was so beautiful and spacious and I was loving working on a brand new 63′ luxury power yacht. It was a really great change.


I felt so bad leaving Léna behind for 5 nights as it was the first time in almost a year that we had been apart. I knew she was in good hands, but I still felt awful and I was nervous I was going to miss out on some new developments she had made. On the plus side, I managed to get my first full nights sleep which was absolutely amazing and it was great to finally have some adult conversation. On previous charters I’ve worked so hard and come home feeling absolutely exhausted. This week however, the guests were so chilled and I actually felt rejuvenated after the week was over.

It was a real treat for me to get back out on the water and it was amazing to finally see the islands post hurricane and see the developments that were happening around the BVI. The islanders are making great progress and the country is finally getting back on its feet. Next season should be busy and will hopefully be back to normal, full of happy holidaymakers enjoying their well deserved vacation!

Thanks @jansfelion for having me on board!


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