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Happy Anniversary

One year ago today I married the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…

When I met Gavin I knew we both had a common interest and that was a life of adventure. Since we have been together we have lived and worked in the Caribbean enjoying the simple things in life. We have had the odd holiday here and there, but our ultimate goal is to set sail and travel the world together.

Since we got hitched last year life has had its wonderful highs and major lows. I gave birth to our amazing daughter Léna in July and I can honestly say she is the best thing that has happened for us. She is beautiful, funny and very free spirited already. After a couple of seasons working in the charter industry we finally decided to take the plunge and buy an apartment in South Africa, an income which would one day help to fund our travels. These were just a couple of the highs for us at the beginning of married life.

Then came the lows… In September, Hurricane Irma came along and destroyed our perfect little life. Our home was destroyed, our jobs had possibly been taken from us and our poor little dog Benny was halfway around the world stranded in Puerto Rico. The next 6 months were a great struggle for us.

We decided to move back to the Caribbean, living in what was like a war torn island. We were living on generator power with no running water, mosquitoes were rife, supplies on the island were limited, we were struggling to get our beloved dog back to the island from the US and life as new parents with a 4 month old baby was a little grim. Work had gone from weeklong charters to working all hours in the marina trying to get the company back on its feet. Our funds were just about drying up and savings were spent.

Our first year of marriage has definitely been an eventful one but we have finished it on a high…

Our plans for the future are looking up. This summer we are hoping to avoid the hurricane by sailing one of our company catamarans down to Grenada for a couple of months. Our first open ocean sail as a family and a couple of months to take some time out and recoup. Next season I am planning on returning back to work so we can earn as much money as possible to get our apartment paid off and have some money to get us setup for the beginning of our life of adventure on the water.

Our plan in the not too distant future is to finally set sail on the Hocus Pocus (Gavin’s Farr 38 in Cape Town) and explore the world, Léna and Ben in tow.

We cannot wait for what the future holds and we are looking forward to many more years of happily ever after…


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1 thought on “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Exciting times ahead for the Van Der Berg family!! Hopefully Daan and I can meet up with you guys now and again and share in your adventure !! LOLXXXXX


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