A Vanderful Life at Sea

We are currently living on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where we have been based for the past five years. We are currently working for a charter company sailing the islands, and saving towards our ultimate goal.

Our dream is to sail around the world, visiting as many amazing, unique and wonderful places experiencing different cultures, cuisines and meeting new people, all the while living in small, compact living conditions – two adults, two kids and a dog.

Meet the Crew…

Gavin – Captain

Gavin grew up on the coast of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa. The ocean has always been an integral part of his life, even as a young boy.

Having been around boats since the age of five, Gavin’s parents were in the process of refitting a boat for a circumnavigation. Due to a tragic accident which lead to the loss of his father, this dream had to be put on hold. The boating world became his natural choice of career, where he went on to acquire the qualifications to become a certified sailing instructor. Gavin inherited the dream and his ultimate goal is to one day sail around the world.

Free diving is his greatest passion as well as surfing, fishing and most water sports under the sun.

Gavin has an amazing ability to throw his hand to any job or task given to him. His skill set is remarkable. He is a fun, adventurous individual and a fantastic, loving father to our daughter.

Gavin holds an RYA/MCA Yacht Master Ocean Qualification as well as a Chef City & Guilds Certificate in Catering.

Some of his current sailing accomplishments are, across the North and South Atlantic, circumnavigated the Baltic Sea, five seasons in the Caribbean, two seasons in the United Kingdom and France, up the East Coast of Africa, Durban to Kenya as well as stops in Madagascar and not to mention a surf/sail trip in Indonesia.

Nicola – First Mate

I grew up in the city of York in the UK. After my studies I spent my time switching between work life, travelling and working abroad. I have always been working towards my next plane ticket, looking for adventure and enjoying new experiences. Several years later, I found myself living and working in the Caribbean with my beautiful little family. We are now on the look out for a vessel to start the next chapter of our lives taking us to all the places we have long dreamed of.

​My greatest passion is being a mum to our two gorgeous little girls. I can’t wait to watch them grow up into well travelled, ocean loving, confident sea gypsies. My other great love is searching for local cuisines and tasting new exotic flavours.  I enjoy photography and I’m looking forward to documenting our travels and capturing our memories.

Léna – Boson

​We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, beautiful little girl in our lives. Léna is destined to be a water baby and lover of the ocean. She spent her first 9 months in the belly of a charter chef and has grown up by the beach. She is already on her way to being chief fisherwoman, spearfisher, diver and sailor. She has her first open water crossing under her belt as she sailed from the BVI to Grenada and is well on her way to following in her daddy’s footsteps.

Gabriella – Deckhand

Gabriella is the newest addition to the family and we cannot be happier to have another gorgeous and sweet natured little girl. With the chance to grow up by the sea and her big sister showing her the ropes in life she is sure to be a well travelled beach bum just like the rest of us!

Ben – Chief Crab Catcher

​Ben has been with us since January 2016. We found Ben as a stray, took him in and he has been an amazing addition to our little family ever since. He has grown up on the beach, playing with his friends, swimming in the sea, paddleboarding, boating and entertaining cruise ship guests. His favourite things are chicken wings, rum and coke and digging for crabs. He is an experienced traveller and is looking forward to seeing more of the world as we sail the seas.



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